3-Step Guide to Choosing Girls Winter Snow Pants or Children’s Ski Bibs for Outdoor Sports or Cold Weather Play

3-Step Guide to Choosing Girls Winter Snow Pants or Children’s Ski Bibs for Outdoor Sports or Cold Weather Play

Posted by Judy Huddleston on 14th Dec 2015

Finding a Girl’s coordinating fashion snowsuit can be frustrating, especially if you have limited retail options in your area. But don’t despair. Many retailers carry separate snow jackets and snow pants because they offer more flexibility to consumers who want to mix and match their outerwear styles. Snow pants found in sets are limited to the styling and colors the manufacturer has pre-selected for you. They also tend to be of lesser quality since designers spend most of their time and production cost on the jacket. However, if you dedicate the time and enlist the help of your child, you will find a lot of fun snow pant choices which will reflect your child’s unique personality. Here are some things to consider when shopping for girls winter snow pants:

1. Functionality- Depending on your daughter’s age and functional needs, you will need to decide between snow pants and snow bibs. Moms typically buy their younger children adjustable snow bibs for a better fit, an added layer of warmth around the torso, and as an extra barrier to keeping snow away from the body. For younger children who are not yet potty trained, there are children’s ski bibs with snaps in the crotch for easy diaper changes. If your child is potty trained, remember to budget some extra time to remove all of his layers to avoid messy accidents in the bathroom. Older kids prefer elastic waist snow pants for ease of dressing as they are much easier to get on and off, especially if they are required at school for outside winter recess when snow is present.

2. Features- If you are a value shopper, you will need to prioritize which snow pant features are most important to you based on your child’s outdoor activities and need for durability. If waterproof snow pants are too expensive, you should select a highly water resistant fabric so water does not soak through and chill your child. A good polyfill insulation is also recommended for warmth, but should not be so thick that it restricts movement or feels bulky and cumbersome. If your child is spending a lot of time on the ground building forts or sliding down hills, reinforced double knee construction is a good option along with cargo pockets with zipper or Velcro closure to store money, lip balm, keys or cell phones. Last, elastic leg gaiters are found in the most basic children’s ski bibs and play a big role in keeping snow at bay. Just roll back the ankle cuff for a visual confirmation. The leg gaiter is the cinched elastic at the base of the leg opening that forms a snow barrier just above the ankle.

3. Color- This is where she gets to showcase her true personality! If she already has a jacket, you’ll want to ensure her snow pants are in a complimentary color or print story. From neon brights to feminine camos to print florals, mixing and matching solids with prints and vice versa makes for a fun personal statement. With so many choices available, you’ll need to find the right balance between practical you and your child’s wild side. When in doubt, the safest choice for girl’s winter snow pants is solid black. In addition to being truly unisex, black pretty much goes with anything, shows the least amount of wear, and has proven to be a good hand-me-down which saves you money in the long run. On a final note, be careful of pinks and purples for that may be a shade off from their jacket color and look mismatched. Your daughter will thank you.

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