4 Fashion Trends in Columbia Boys Snowboarding Outfits and London Fog Kids Ski Jackets from Winter Clothing Expert, Judy Greco

4 Fashion Trends in Columbia Boys Snowboarding Outfits and London Fog Kids Ski Jackets from Winter Clothing Expert, Judy Greco

Posted by Judy Huddleston on 17th Dec 2015

While skiing enthusiasts still outnumber snowboarders, the interest in snowboarding has never been higher. From X-Games to The Winter Olympics, snowboarding has taken root with the younger generation and is here to stay. With so many choices available in snowboarding gear, we wanted to get the latest trends in Columbia Boys Snowboarding Outfits and London Fog Kids Ski Jackets from Winter Gear Expert, Judy Greco:

Q: What functional details are you seeing in this year’s winter outerwear for younger kids?

A: Columbia Boys Snowboarding Outfits have many of the functional attributes of more expensive ski brands for half the price. Reflective Trim is something we are seeing as subtle hits on pocket flaps or on cuffs. While the look is cool for Boys, the safety benefit is something that mom likes. Most slopes close just before dusk, but there are still plenty of hills that offer night skiing and this is when having reflective tape comes in handy. Other trends we are seeing are lots of cargo pockets and hidden pockets for gadgets, money, ski passes, etc. Other functional features include re-enforced Knees to withstand repeated contact with the snow/ice, Leg Gaiters to stop snow from creeping up his legs, Chin Protectors to avoid zipper remorse, zip/snap combination on jackets to form a stronger barrier to wind & snow and Grow Cuffs which allow arm and/or inseam lengthening for kids in the middle of a growth spurt.

Q:What styling details are popular right now?

A: This is where the fun starts! With so many choices available in color and print, each child can select a snowsuit or snowboard outfit that reflects his unique style or personality. For traditional looks, Color Block styling is still very popular. This is typically achieved with 2-3 complimentary solid colors on the jacket. Red, Black & Charcoal, for example, continues to be a strong seller. But for more adventurous types, bright neons are very popular and are very easy to spot as your snowboarder cuts a path down the mountain. If solids are not a favorite, London Fog Kids Ski Jackets come in a variety of ultra-hip patterns.

Q: What Comfort Details will help ensure a full day on the slopes?

A: Warmth and comfort are critical for a successful, fun day on the slopes. Kids are pretty vocal, so have your child wear test first to ensure proper fit and effortless mobility. This is one area where cutting corners will come back to haunt you. There is nothing worse than a bulky or uncomfortable ski outfit to ruin his snowboarding experience. Your checklist should include a lightweight outer shell with fleece lined body, lightweight polyfill, and elastic waist snow pants. No need to buy a $200 snowboarding outfit if your child is still growing. There are plenty of economical choices from well-known brands such as Columbia or London Fog that have all the important comfort features at half the cost.

Q: I’ve been reading a lot about Performance Details in kids snowsuits. What should our readers look for when purchasing a 2-piece ski outfit?

A: This topic goes hand in hand with Comfort Details. A child who is wet, cold, and irritated will be in the lodge in no time. At a minimum, you should purchase an outfit that is waterproof and wind resistant. A jacket with perspiration wicking properties will keep them dry and lightweight polyfill will allow maximum mobility on the back trails. Remember, just because a jacket is bulky does not mean that it is warm!

In the end, you want to ensure a fun, safe, and comfortable outing for your child. For a great selection of Boys and Girls Ski and Snowboarding outfits, we suggest a category specialist like www.snowsuitsforkids.com.