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4 Tips to Buying Discounted Columbia Women’s Winter Snow Coats and Kids Ski Pants Jackets On-Sale

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In a time when a simple on-line search can give you immediate access to a variety of different sellers, it is important to qualify each site before you make your purchase. Armed with these 4 tips, you will be ready to score the latest fashion from Columbia and be confident that you are getting a quality product.

  • Authenticity- If you are buying top quality brand name products, you will want to ensure the product is authentic. There is a very strict approval process for retailers who want to carry discounted Columbia women’s coats and only qualified sellers are allowed to sell on the internet. Make sure product is new with tags and seller has an actual picture of the items posted on-line. If pictures are of poor quality or don’t clearly show the condition of the item, steer clear of the seller. You should also confirm that product still has manufacturer hang tags attached in case you need to return or exchange. When in doubt, you can always ask the seller for more pictures. Or, if you just smell something fishy, move on to the next seller.
  • Pricing- Part of the on-line experience is shopping for bargains. Price comparison websites do most of the work for you and save you a lot of time. When shopping for this year’s newest kids Columbia ski jackets on sale, you will find that most retailers adhere to Columbia’s MAP pricing (Minimum Advertised Price). This strategy maintains the value of the brand in the market and discourages deep discounting. Your best bet is to find new products listed from prior seasons which can be up to 50% off regular price or wait until January when pricing restrictions are lifted and markdowns are taken. Always remember to factor in the cost of shipping & handling into your total purchase price. It is a common internet strategy to show a favorable sale price and then recoup some of the profit loss by overcharging for delivery services. Snowsuits For Kids offers a generous FREE shipping option for every order over $75!
  • Selection – When you search for discounted Columbia women’s coats, beware of sellers that lure you in with promises of brand names, but upon entering, you find only a few branded products to choose from- if any. It’s the classic bait and switch. They rely on brand name recognition to get your attention, but then try to get you to purchase a lesser known brand that will most likely not meet your quality expectations. Make sure close-up pictures show the labels intact, not cut, and hang-tags should still be on the garment. If you have any doubts, ask the seller to send you additional pictures for verification. As a general rule, it is always a good idea to purchase new so you have the product guarantee from the re-seller.
  • Sizing- If you are buying kids Columbia ski jackets on sale make sure you have your child’s size measurements handy. At a minimum, you’ll want to have the shoulder to arm cuff, chest, and armpit to armpit measurements. If you are buying a snowsuit, you’ll also need waist and inseam. Most sellers offer a size chart or list key measurements to help you select the correct size. If you have last year’s winter coat, you can use that size as a starting point and go up from there. Be aware that manufacturing sizing differs from brand to brand and that clothing size and a child’s age do not always correspond. If you are on the fence between sizes, buy up a size. Nothing is worse than having your child outgrow his snowsuit in January!

Outfitting the family with snow gear is a big investment in time and money. But with proper research and awareness, you will have fun adding up your savings after a successful on-line shopping experience. For more on-line shopping tips visit www.snowsuitsforkids.com.   

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