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5 Tips for Finding Quality Boys and Girls Winter Snowsuits and Kids Ski Outfits in Warm Weather Climates

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You are faced with a dilemma- Only 2 weeks before the family ski outing or cold weather trip and you cannot locate a suitable winter coat or kids ski outfits for your children. The problem is, you live in California, Florida or Texas and everyone is still wearing swim suits! What do you do? After receiving many inquiries from frustrated moms, we decided to ask children’s winter gear expert Judy Huddleston for advice:

  • Q: Why do moms struggle to find children’s winter outerwear in warm weather climates?
  • A: In the retail world, it’s all about catering to local demand. Just ask the surfer in Nebraska how difficult it is to find a quality surfboard in Omaha! The average department store or specialty retailer has limited floor space and must decide which products will give them the best return on their inventory investment. Shoppers in the Northeast or Midwest have no problem locating heavy-weight jackets, snowsuits, and cold weather accessories. Demand is strong and retailers stock a broad selection of styles to choose from. But in warmer climates like Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix or Dallas, you are more likely to find light weight jackets & hoodies since temperatures are generally mild during the winter months.
  • Q: If it is so difficult to find snowsuits at the local level, what other choices do consumers have?
  • A: If you can’t locate boys and girls winter snowsuits in your hometown, internet retailers bring the store to you. Snowsuits for Kids specializes in kids’ winter outerwear and offers a full selection of styles throughout the year! Whether it is June and you are heading to the Southern Hemisphere for a ski trip, or December and you are planning a trip north to visit family or friends, online retailers will typically ship within 24 hours and can also offer next day delivery upon request. Many of these companies also carry the gloves, hats, boots and scarves to complete the outfit and will save you a bundle on multiple shipping fees. Snowsuits for Kids will ship for FREE with any order over $75! On a tight schedule, you could also have your purchase shipped directly to your destination so it is there when you arrive. This also frees up space in your child’s suitcase for books, toys or other items. If all else fails and you are unable to find a good quality snowsuit prior to you trip, you should have no problem locating one at your destination. Just be prepared to pay top dollar for the convenience!
  • Q: When is the best time to buy a girl’s or boy’s snowsuit?
  • A: This really depends on your urgency. If you want to buy a year ahead, there are great sales on winter coats and kids ski outfits after Christmas when retailers begin liquidating their winter supply to make room for spring clothing. For savvy shoppers, January & February are two of the best months to pick-up a bargain on winter kid’s clothing. If it has been a mild winter, the discounts will be even greater and will typically start sooner- often before Christmas! Just be sure to buy up a size to accommodate your child’s growth over the course of the year. For online retailers, be sure to check for additional % off coupon codes and free shipping offers. Otherwise, if you are buying closer to need, the majority of companies release their new boys and girls winter snowsuits in the August/September timeframe. While discounts are common for most categories of outerwear, you will likely see average promotions of 30% to 40% off retail prior to Christmas.

There are many on-line kids outerwear specialists that offer a wide variety of infant, toddler & youth brands in several price points to meet your budget. To find the best selection and free shipping offers, we suggest a snowsuit specialist like www.snowsuitsforkids.com.

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