6 Key Comfort Features in Children’s Snow Jackets and Snowsuits by Winter Clothing Expert Snow Suits for Kids

6 Key Comfort Features in Children’s Snow Jackets and Snowsuits by Winter Clothing Expert Snow Suits for Kids

Posted by Judy Huddleston on 4th Dec 2015

With winter weather just around the corner, finding good quality, comfortable snowsuits for kids, winter jackets & coats that protect from harsh winter conditions moves to the top of mom’s priority list. Here are 6 key comfort features to look for when making your purchase:

Bib snow pants provide an extra layer of warmth for your child. Since the bibs cover your child’s torso, it is less likely that snow will find its way through the jacket and into clothing. Front or side zippers make getting in and out of bib snow pants a snap and shoulder straps adjust to fit your child’s body size to ensure a proper fit. Depending on how fast your child is growing, adjustable straps also serve as a built-in grow feature to lengthen as needed.

Chin protectors are standard on most quality snowsuit jackets and coats. To protect your child’s neck and chin from unruly zippers, infant, toddler and youth ski jackets and snowsuits often have an added flap at the top of the zipper so their skin does not get pinched. If this feature is not listed in a product’s description, be sure to ask if this small but important comfort feature is available. Your child will thank you!

Leg gaiters are another must have feature if your child spends a lot of time sledding, skiing, or just playing in the snow. Leg gaiters are found in most children’s snow pants, but many budget brands skip this feature in an effort to keep their prices as low as possible. Gators are an elasticized extension of the snow pant leg opening which cinch around the socks for a snug fit and act as a barrier to outside elements. Together with a good pair of snow boots, leg gaiters are a secondary line of defense to keep snow and ice from creeping up your child’s legs.

Powder skirts are located in better quality kid’s coats and snow clothing for children. The powder skirt is a full elastic band found on the inside of snowsuits for kids and ski jackets which will prevent snow from finding its way up your child’s back.

Fleece lining is another important comfort detail that can be found in good quality children’s snow jackets. In addition to providing warmth, fleece adds an extra layer of comfort to areas with a snug fit. Specifically, it is common to find soft fleece lining in the neck area of the coat which is in constant contact with skin. Without fleece, rubbing could cause irritation for your child which will limit their outdoor fun time. Most snowsuits for kids and toddlers usually have fleece lining in the body of the coat and in the hood for extra comfort and to the keep their torso and heads warm.

Nylon Outer Shells should be breathable and either water resistant or waterproof. Without breathability, perspiration gets trapped inside the coat and your child will become chilled and uncomfortable. Snowsuits with water resistant properties repel moisture on contact and protect your child in most winter climates. For most consumers, water repellency should do the trick. If your child spends a lot of time sitting or playing in wet snow without a waterproof snowsuit, they will be soaked through and cold in no time. While you can add waterproofing properties using store bought sprays, you are also adding extra weight which will lead to fatigue and a shortened play day. For this reason, we recommend purchasing your snowsuit with waterproof fabric from the manufacturer. To be truly waterproof, the outer shell needs to have critically sealed seams which prevent water from penetrating the jacket or snow pants.

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