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Sleds, Snowballs, Friends.

This is what childhood snow dreams are made of. You pull back the curtains and fling open the window. The cool, sharp tang of freshly fallen snow hangs in the air.

Everywhere you look, the neighborhood has been miraculously transformed. Be gone, dreary greys and browns. Hello to fabulous, shining white and sparkling icicles that glitter with promise.

Explore. Experiment. Build. Shape. Shovel. Sled. Ski. Throw. Dive. Dig.

The list of fun things you can do with snow is almost limitless when you’re a kid.

And when does it stop, this happy time of clean, energetic fun, this most simple and pure of childhood joys?

It only stops when you’re too cold to function properly. The snow melted on your hot, excited head and ran down to soak your clothes. Your feet are wet. Your pants are soaking. Your fingers are numb.


At least, that’s how it used to be. Now, thanks to modern design and materials, snowsuits for kids have got way better at keeping the cold and wet out, while letting sweat escape and keeping your child warm and dry inside.

Parents, you owe it to your boys to invest in a proper snowsuit this winter. They want something that looks cool. You want something that will keep them warm. Here at Snowsuits for Kids, we’ve got your back, and theirs, too.

Boy’s snowsuits to fit all sizes from young infants to strapping Sixteen, in a full spectrum of colors, from rip stop puffer jackets to snow boots, two-piece kid’s snowsuits, snow pants, camo snow suits… you name it, we stock it.

Worried your boy will grow out of his brand new snowsuit within weeks? Did you know, some of our snowsuits for boys come with a built-in OUTGROWN™ grow system to cope with in-season growth spurts? Ingenious – the snowsuit grows with your boy!

What about that expensive smartphone your boy insists on taking with him into the snow? Fear not, that’s been thought of too. Our Columbia range of boy’s snowsuits even comes with a media pocket to protect phones, cameras, MP3 players, and more.

With snowsuit and winter jacket designs that your boys will love to wear, backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong. Get ready now, so you can squeeze the maximum fun out of the snow season!

Boy's Snowsuits, Jackets & Snowpants