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Do you remember running outdoors after a fresh snow fall to look for animal tracks and to make fresh tracks of your own?

The sheer joy of planting your feet where no human had ever trod before. Looking back and seeing where you had been, every imprint faithfully recorded.

The excited circles around the bird feeder. The slides, scrapes, the powdered snow from the exuberantly-thrown snowball. The snow angels. The lopsided snowman, with pebbles for eyes and sticks for arms.


The places where you had stood still and left deep impressions. The places where you ran, moving so fast your feet skipped lightly through the top layer of snow like a fairy.

Girls love to have fun in the snow. It’s the timeless pastime of children in winter, full of memories, healthy excitement, and learning experiences that went on and on until it was dark, or until your parents insisted you return inside.

There are some things about playing in the snow you’d rather forget, though.

The well-aimed snowball that sent ice crystals down your neck, to rapidly melt and spoil your fun. The horrible feeling of dampness creeping through your arms and legs. The biting cold wind that seems to go right through you. The snow that gets over your boots and sinks down to your toes, making your feet completely numb. The pain when you got back inside and felt the blood start to rush back to your fingertips.

Parents, it’s time to invest in a new snowsuit for your girl (or girls!) now. There have been rapid improvements in the design and materials used in snow clothes for girls, so that they can play outdoors for longer than ever before, in complete warmth and dryness.


We’ve seen so many advances in girl’s snow suits in the last few years. No more boring blues and greens. Out with the bland, the dull, and the colorless.

Our range of top quality girl’s snowsuits and puffer jackets come in stylish color schemes. A massive range of tasteful colors are available, from gorgeous turquoise to vibrant purples, pinks and reds, faux-fur hoods and collars, and other features that will make your girl keen to be seen in the snow!

Sporty design features make your girl the coolest on the block. Some of our winter snowsuits have built-in Omni-Shield water and stain repellency and micro-fleece lined hoods to keep your girl warm and dry in storm, shine or snow.

Reflective design details make your child safer in the dark and easier to find when daylight starts to fade. And clever panels allow the snowsuit to grow with your girl so that a sudden growth spurt won’t require a new snowsuit in the middle of the season.

With the best, most modern designs, recognized brands such as Columbia, London Fog, Oshkosh, Rothschild and Rugged Bear, quick and easy shipping, girl’s sizes from intrepid infant right up to sweet sixteen, and every purchase backed by our unique 100% guarantee, there really is no better time or place to invest in keeping your girl warm and dry in the snow.

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